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TUNEKS is the success story of people who carry the inspiration from their core values ​​beyond the oceans by opening the imagination and making it id difficult lar easy and inden impossible arak possible. In 1994, we opened the doors of the bakery machinery sector with the repair and repair of furnace machines. In 2001, we started to produce quartz machine as a bilen rma, which is closely acquainted with the problems of the sector with 4 machines per month in an area of ​​100m2. The machine we started to produce has brought us a step closer to our goals. Customer satisfaction is more than the machine manufacturing to see this vision in every stage of manufacturing has made it a principle. From the day we entered the sector to the present day, we were rightly proud to offer the services that our customers deserved before and after the sale. At the point we have reached today, with our continuously developing and renewed technology, we are rapidly moving towards becoming the pioneer of the sector by increasing the quality of the products and services we produce.
Our company joined the bakery sector in 1986 by resolving a major problem of our bakers in Turkey manufacturing volumetric dough dividing machine which enables production of Turkish type bread. Later, production line is extended by manufacturing dough processing machines (rounding, proofing, long moulder), convection bakery ovens, cyclothermic bakery ovens with stone base, multi-deck tube ovens with stone base, hamburger and sandwich loaf processing machines, dough machines and spiral dough kneading mixer (fixed and mobile), PLC controlled fully automated high capacity baking lines and now, product range almost includes 150 products. From the day it was founded, KUMKAYA has launched several products such as travelling bakery (bread) ovens to be used after the earthquakes encountered in our country (products designed for municipal buses), travelling field ovens for armed forces, digitaliy speed-adjusted volumetric dough dividers and processing machines and combined bakery ovens which produce bread on stone and which is capable of meeting all kinds of capacities. Today, KUMKAYA. has introduced PLC controlled (computer aided) automatic stone bread baking lines which are able to automatically bake natural stone breads and thanks to these lines, the company has been considerably praised, exporting its products to almost 86 countries in the world. KUMKAYA, has introduced its name to the entire world. Currently, our company goes on manufacturing as per TSE-EN-ISO 9001 - G.O.S.T. and CE standarts.
In the early 1980s, most of the machinery and equipments used in the food industry were imported to Turkey. As a result, the first Alptekin generation took a decision to be the first to produce these machines and equipments in-house for their use and the local area, in around Malatya, Turkey. Since its first entrepreneurial step, our company has been constantly manufacturing and trading for over 30 years. In the 1990s, the importance of service sector over industrialization became apparent. For a better service, we expanded our manufacturing line and strengthened our R&D and service network. Considering the increasing customer demand and strategic trade, in the 2000s a new factory became operational in Istanbul and two new offices are opened in Romania and Moldova. With these developments, our company has been able to provide a better and faster service not only in Turkey but also to the customers outside Turkey. Alptekin Group produces a wide range of products. Our manufacturing line is equipped with the CNC technology to produce in high volumes while ensuring high quality products. Together with our highly experienced technical staff, our goal is to continue working to provide next-generation technologies and serve future generations. The second Alptekin generation is committed to follow the trade strategies of the first generations: expanding the operations slowly but confidently in a number of geographic locations, apply the latest technologies in the market of food processing machines and continue in forming a modern corporate structure and innovative emphasis on trade.
we are careful to be hygienic of each part of the machine to be long-lived, reliable for flour and flour products, which are considered to be essential nutrients to prepare for reliable bakeries. Our company, which has achieved standardization in machine manufacturing, carries out quality control processes of all machines under the supervision of experienced technical personnel with great precision
Our company was established in 1973 on spare parts manufacturing and continued as spare parts manufacturing. At the end of 2007 institutionalization and professional studies, it started to manufacture machinery and continues to grow rapidly in the sector.
Solem Bakery Machines is one of the leading production companies in bakery machine sector. Our company, which makes production in European standards, has gained trust of the customers not only in the production and sales stage but also in the after-sales service. Today, Solem serves in bakery, pastry and baked goods, restaurant chains, cafes, hotels and catering areas. As a manufacturer, Solem renews itself constantly by adopting the principles of quality service, quality products and absolute customer satisfaction and has never made concessions on its quality with its equipment and has always managed to keep its quality at a high level. Solem has established corporate values as a company while moving forward with firm steps towards the future. It provides service to its country, sector and young entrepreneurs with its disciplined work, trustworthiness, uncompromising quality, being competitive, pursuing continuous improvement and motivation as a result of all these.